Friday, August 26, 2016

Newsflash: John Kerry's and Sergei Lavrov's secret thoughts!

I have to move fast.   For the first time I'm disobeying Arthur the Time Artist, introducing information he does not want introduced.  I've begun to think the Time Artists are not sufficiently aware how close to the edge we are.

So tonight when I saw on the news that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting in Geneva with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to, once again, figure out how to end the increasing suffering in Syria, I just... Arthur had told me to lay-off for now, but I don't agree, ok?  There are people who need to hear this.  For everyone else, don't listen.

So I ate a Nature Valley Sweet 'n Salty bar- they help me focus- meditated a while, then squeezed every drop of juice I had into a thrust through the airwaves towards Kerry's and Lavrov's minds.  It worked briefly- here's the dialogue I picked up:

Kerry: Do you think anyone will notice that every time we meet to discuss the Syrian civil war the chaos and suffering increase?

Lavrov: No, they'll never notice.

Kerry: I'm not so sure.  Until three years ago, before both our countries were bombing Syria, we never met like this, and things just stayed the same.  They got much worse after we started meeting.  Someone’s bound to notice.

Lavrov: You Americans are so naive.  People don't give a shit what we do as long as the cheap food keeps coming.  When the food runs out, then you can worry.

Kerry: I guess you're right.  Still, there are people who will notice.

Lavrov: Fuck them.

If, after you read this, the Time Artists intervene and wipe your mind, I apologize in advance.

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