Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Robert the Telepathic Gila Monster's Statement to Humanity

To hear the original delivery of this historic message, "channeled" by Harry the Human on Dr. Cheryl Lubin's radio program, "In Our Times," click on

Dear Humans,

Your social control and guidance system, which you call government (which by the way gila "monsters" don't need because we're self- governing) is at this moment undergoing a major crisis.   This crisis is one in a long series of crises you’ve experienced since you left tribal life for agriculture, followed by your departure into heavy industry (both of which, if I may say, gilas managed to avoid).

At points in their evolutions, gilas and humans had the same problem- though eons apart- in which older, naturally developed and compatible territories changed and became forbidding.  What to do?  The gilas found a new niche in the deserts around where my cosmic companion Harry resides.  The humans were unable to find a natural niche, however- Earth had rejected them, so they rebelled against Earth and built artificial environments.  

As humans grew and developed, they found that the Earth which had rejected them had become weak and could no longer resist assaults from human artificial environments.  Suddenly, and somewhat to its surprise, humanity found itself standing upon Earth like a Spartan with his foot on a slain foe.  A pyrrhic victory, it would seem, since you live on the thing.  

Humans have gone through many cultural contortions, often caused by your truimphs over the faltering earth, over eons in which gila culture has, thankfully, not changed at all. 

Your contortions periodically involve struggle, war, confusion and destruction, in sad contrast to the rationally controlled evolution of gilas.  The particular contortion catching your attention now is that the United States, as you call your continental grouping (which includes my turf) has suffered near collapse of one of its two political parties, termed the Republican Party, and serious instability in the other party, the Democrats.  The resulting dysfunction in the presidential election campaign, and the outcome of the election has led to anxiety and agitation among people who had considered themselves, to varying degrees, part of the educated upperish classes.  They are alarmed that traditional institutions like the Republican and Democratic parties, whose job is to convince people that they have consented to be ruled, could have become so inept and careless that they failed to create this illusion.  As people react to that failure, they note failures to address other challenges to the species, to name a few: climate change, strife between races and genders, the burgeoning effects of automation, bioengineering, Artificial Intelligence.  What have you heard about such things in your presidential debates?  Who’s at the wheel?  

It seems the Emperor has no clothes, as your story has it.  I might also reference Frank Baum, whose wizard, Oz, flashed lights and loud noises to cover his hesitant, tentative soul.   

Your presidential election has led to an outbreak of intellectual, emotional, psychological and economic tumult.  People are anxious about the dysfunction they see in a system that used to support them.

But that’s not the scary part. 

The scary part is the lurking reaction to the political dysfunction that will come from your Military-Industrial Complex (MIC), a conceptual entity which, although originating with your great war leader Eisenhower, is treated now as a joke at the very moment its existence is confirmed.  The MIC, which supports and influences the political system that is now in tumult, does not like exposure to this many people of this much dysfunction, and it seeks an effective distraction.  Expect some sort of catastrophe in the near future.  

But don’t expect your mainstream media to help you note the closeness in time between the post-election period and the distracting event.  After all, has the network news noted the timing of the long awaited Western assaults on ISIS, in Raqqa, Mosul, Aleppo, which are coinciding with the US election and its blurry aftermath?  The election has served to distract attention from the attacks, necessary because in the view of everyone paying attention, the attacks will cause the deaths of thousand of civilians, the ones your side is claiming to save.  Though the election has helped distract attention from the attacks, now your handlers need a distraction from the election.   A terrorist attack, for instance, could produce just such distraction and amnesia, ensuring that everything-the instability in your government,  race relations, climate change- everything will be forgotten, and might stay forgotten. 

For American humans who require evidence that a terrorist attack on the US could be manipulated at your end, I refer you to the prominent human writers Dexter Filkins ("The Afghan Bank-Heist, and Barnett Rubin ("What I saw in Afghanistan," who exposed to one million New Yorker Magazine readers how the MIC manipulates war for prime time.  They wrote that during the American/Afghan War your enemy the Taliban often received "truckloads of cash" from the CIA, after which the CIA would direct the Taliban when to attack or not attack.  Rubin asserts that the Taliban could not have stayed afloat without CIA cash.  

Your tax dollars at work.  Why Afghan war veterans accept these revelations is beyond me.  At any rate, you know there’s precedent for manipulation of war.  I’m just saying, watch for it now!

That’s my message, humans of earth.  I hope it benefits you.

Best Wishes, Robert

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