Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GOP debate: Mind-reads from Harry the Human

I just watched the first debate with the four Republicans from the B list on CNN from the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, 72 miles from where I live in Pearblossom.  The proximity helped me with telepathy, but there was a lot of static and I'm wondering if there are blocking devices in the library (the Pentagon has been working on human telepathy, how to pick up thoughts and transmit them, how to block them).  In spite of the unusual static, I was able to pick up some telling partial thoughts.

During the warm-up I briefly scanned the hosts, Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper. The flash of interest in the debates buoyed them, but they are concerned that Trump is the only source of that interest.  Their minds tried to push away the depressing thought that current politics is repellent to most people.

Three of the candidates- Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum and Lindsey Graham (not so much George Pataki)- are consumed with concern that the Tea Party, which none of them was able to successfully represent in government, should not blame them for its fall from grace within the Party, but should embrace them as the last officials around who profess the true faith.  None of the candidates expects to be president; the hope is that the Tea Party angle will pay off with a respectable local career.  

I scanned the studio audience and, though they agreed with many policy statements from the candidates, almost no one expected anything productive to develop should one of them be elected president.

The stimulating parts of the debate were when, after an hour and a half of jovial schmoozing in the green room, they dissed each other onstage.  Though seasoned politicians expect betrayal of outward friendliness from their colleagues, their "reptilian brains" were surprisingly enraged each time it happened.

For instance, in the first stab of the evening, after Santorum, in a sanctimonious spiel about avoiding personal attacks on Republicans, criticized Jindal for attacking Trump, I picked this up, clearly and forcefully from Jindal's mind: "You fucking piece of shit...I'll fucking tear your fucking....," until static cut it off.

When Graham announced that Santorum didn't have an immigration plan, Santorum thought, "You god-damned lying son of a bitch, I'll stomp the living crap...." and static.  

Santorum plotted his revenge.  After Graham talked about his difficult childhood, when his parents ran a modest restaurant and bar, Santorum said, "95% of Americans don't own a restaurant and bar," and Graham thought, "You sick fuck...I will shove a pitchfork up your ass 'til you beg for mercy...."

When Pataki said that Kim Davis, a clerk who refuses to certify gay marriages, should be fired, because fighting for her religious rights in violation of her job requirements is reminiscent of Iran, a theocracy where imams can interfere in people's lives, all the other candidates sprang internally to attention, as they had not heard this from Pataki before. For some brief moments there was fear that Pataki's analogy would make sense to people and take hold.  Graham thought, "That piece of shit Yankee...I'll show him theocracy....," etc.

That's about it for the first round.  See above for my A list readings!

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