Monday, August 22, 2016

In the cave

Harry the Human, whose work I edit, has been a bit on the emotional side lately.  He asked to borrow my car and last week drove nine hours straight up the California coast to Mendocino, an isolated peninsula of western/gothic structures that juts into the cold and stormy Pacific.  On his way up Harry texted me a series of agitated messages like, "Thank God I'm on my way!  Humanity is too much!," or, "If I have to hear one more human thinking something I'm going to go insane!"

After a day in Mendocino he calmed down: "No one is playing the news on radio, TV, anything.  They seem dedicated to healing my soul!"

Meanwhile, Harry asked me to share some video clips from Mendocino (see links below).  D.L.

Harry's Mendocino vacation:

Mendocino moment:

I find a cave in Mendocino:

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