Tuesday, June 25, 2024

There's a bard in my yard

[My desert companion Robert the Telepathic Gila Monster, in his fascination with the human race, has culminated a long study of Shakespeare with this cross-species emulation.]  

How is't
though all we teach our young
be naught but dreams we teach ourselves 
that we
in the throes of later-aged ambition
to be more upon the stage
than aged babes 
(domestic ciphers, suckling, passive, small accounted in the public eye, 
sweeping dust to dust and daily circling mile on mile)
in quiet contemplation
hidden watch the generations flow?
While everywhere impetuous glories
spill from young and restless minds 
to cause calamitous clash
and magnificent ornament of the soul!
Thus children uprooted on life’s playground
by the rousing slap
and challenge of the intellect’s 
swampy doubt
think not of quiet corners
but of noisy triumph on the field.

Demanding that we set aside
The limits of our scope
And take them on a joyous ride
Of certitude and hope

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