Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chapter 12: Choices

I woke up refreshed and relieved the morning after my "dream" of talking to the Time Artist, Arthur. The relief was from his decision to delete the memories of my revelations to my colleagues Gregory, Anthony and Rebecca: that Anthony and Rebecca would be active in politics (I did not tell them that they run against each other for President in 2044), and that Gregory's writings will be the basis for world politics after the coming war.  I had begun to worry that I had created the potential for a historical mess, which I had.

I often start my day with meditation in the backyard.  The San Gabriel Mountains to the south act as a sort of antenna for thoughts (part of a psychic system Arthur made use of at the Devil's Punchbowl) so by facing south and opening my mind I get a quick read on the state of the union. What I found this morning was a shock: A great segment of America's youth was in turmoil in a way it had not been the day before.  I soon found the cause: Bernie Sanders had endorsed Hillary Clinton.  Everyone knew it would happen, but the reality was unsettling, especially for the young, who, unlike seasoned observers have not been through the typical political shell games (e.g. the war-monger Goldwater versus the man of peace Johnson, ditto for Bush versus Obama).  Young supporters view Sanders as a revolutionary who intends to reform Wall Street, create income equality, and reign in the military-industrial complex, as mythical an image as Batman's.  Sanders is quitting while he's ahead.  His type of politics is most effective for underdogs who never have to perform.  [Update, 4/9/20: Sanders has again conceded the presidential race, this time to Joe Biden, saving himself again from a lesson learned by many, like Louis Obrador, a Sanders-type ideologue who became Mexican president in 2018 and is now rapidly losing his revolutionary cachet.]

I rushed to my TV to watch the speeches.  As noted in earlier chapters, I've developed the ability to read minds from live TV.  While Sanders was conceding that Clinton was the Democratic nominee and that he endorsed her, Clinton was thinking "This jerk is going to sink like a stone and the sooner the better," and Sanders was thinking, "This intolerable woman makes me constipated, which I need like a hole in the head."

Virtually the entire electorate is upset now by the choice it will face in November between Clinton's self-serving resume and Donald Trump's unbounded demagoguery.  For the first time in post-war America, most people in both parties don't believe in either candidate.

What will the American political establishment do now?  The only people of any age who are finding something to believe in are people who believe in violence.  You would think that would please the consortium planning to embroil the U.S. in a Shia/Sunni civil war on the other side of the world, but in another quick survey I found that they are not pleased.  An orderly domestic politics is essential to leading a lazy and frightened population into a suicidal war because it gives the war a rational veneer.   When the consortium's scenario calls for real war there will be a surge of supportive hysteria, but it will suffer from the sorry show of our politics.  That will hopefully provide openings for resistance.

Tune in again when the struggle to save the universe continues!

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