Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chapter 15: Leaving America

Timothy, head of the super-secret Telepathic Unit (TU), contacted me last night with an inconvenient message: I need to travel to Ireland.  The first stop will be Dublin, from where I will be guided somewhere else.  Timothy did not tell me the reason for the trip, but he indicated it was necessary. Naturally I was suspicious, as were Gregory, Rebecca and Anthony, as we had been on the receiving end of a "hallucinatropic missile" attack by the TU before my rapprochement with Timothy.  

"Trust me," Timothy said, "if this is a trick you can scrap our understanding."

Timothy was referring to my pledge to help the TU against the rest of the war conspiracy, which had created the TU to help foment and carry out its plan to involve the U.S. in a Shia/Sunni civil war.  It turns out that the TU, possibly because its members are telepathic and can see the falsity of national policy, is secretly opposed to the war and accepts our little group as allies.

Timothy asked me to pack and be ready to board a plane for Dublin this Thursday.  He also asked me not to write for the two week duration of the trip.  This alarmed me, but Timothy explained that it would be two weeks before I understood what to write.  

"I'll miss Trump's acceptance speech for the GOP nomination on Thursday," I said, already knowing Timothy's answer.

"The Republican convention is of no importance to you or anyone else, nor is the Democratic convention next week," Timothy explained, "The unfolding war has moved beyond the popular sport of politics.  The masterminds have contingency plans for either candidate and don't much care who wins." 

I already knew that the important story today had nothing to do with the conventions.  It's this, reported by the BBC (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-36835671): 

"Up to 56 civilians, including many children, died as a result of U.S. coalition air strikes against the ISIS held Syrian city of Manbij."   

The story will disappear in the rush of today's news, unlikely to be reported at all this evening on the networks, which will devote many minutes to the question of plagiarism in Melania Trump's speech.

Gregory, Rebecca and Anthony stared at me in disbelief.  Rebecca said, "I'm not sure you should trust Timothy.  He's already attacked us once.  Were you able to read him?"

"Only a little," I confessed, "I just don't see what choice we have. They could wipe us out at any time.  If they really are allies, it would be a shame not to find out.  I'll try to be careful."

I return to L.A. on Sunday, July 31, and will have a full report for Tuesday, August 2.  

Wishing the best to my readers!  Please wish me luck too!

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