Saturday, July 2, 2016

Chapter 8: Editor's note

Dear Harry the Human Readers,

I am the unofficial editor of Harry's writings.  He sends them to me (as he did last week from South Korea) and I post them.  As you'll see (or have seen) in chapters 6 and 7, Harry and his new partners Anthony Roberts and Gregory (whose ideas run the world in 2044)  were undergoing severe mental stress from the bombardment of their psyches by telepathic waves from secret government agencies discovered by Harry to be developing telepathy as a weapon.  Harry has been leading the way for the small movement towards a rational humanity with invaluable intel concerning the global war we're being talked into, maintaining, in brief, that the manipulators' goal is that people think the war is their idea.  Now, however, the perpetrators have picked up Harry & Co.'s mental signatures and have taken counter-measures:  testing out a new weapon they call a "hallucitropic missile" (or "hassle") fired right out of people's heads, that can implant entire fictive scenarios in its victims.  The hassle attack on our three heroes was a partial success, causing them to believe for a time that what the world thinks is the country of North Korea is in fact a secret lab for the relatively small group of technocrats and billionaires who are plotting World War III, and Harry actually traveled to South Korea to follow what he thought was a hot tip.   The goal of the hassle attack, Harry says, was twofold: to shame him and his friends by publicly associating them with a crackpot idea (after which none of their non-crackpot ideas would get a hearing) as well as to, as much as possible, destroy their souls with sensations of failure and futility.  This last part worked pretty well in the case of Harry, who became disoriented and delusional in South Korea and needed assistance from his crew.  Harry is back on his feet now (he's a resilient character) and is in an airplane as I write, heading to a destination which it would be wise not to reveal.   I will say that Harry is following a trail left by the hassle attack.

With Harry's permission I decided to fill in Harry's report today with a poem he sent me last week. We hope you enjoy it.


One sin too many

One sin too many
tipped the scales,
mortality, not life

For Eve, you know
just couldn't wait,
(the female hunger
hard to sate)

The serpent eyed her
thinking how
he'd transfer all his weakness now

The weakness of not wanting much
the weakness of
his cold dark touch

Take this, he hissed,
God won't be pissed
An obedient creature
is seldom missed

Eve was not sure
and for a while
thought this is naughty
not my style

But then she thought
"Our life is hard in
this infernally pleasant

God must know
that stories need
a conflict
for the mind to heed.

Thus did the serpent
choose most fit
she who knew
before she bit

The fleshy fruit
raised to her jaw,
the story is our god's,
she saw.

And Adam
more prone to be led
saw the truth of what she said.

Swallowing hard
he looked about
in mortal fear
he turned to shout:

"Oh no! We're in
the story line,
we'll have to be interesting,
not devine!"

Creation's ratings, now assured,
though we'd rather not have any,
We wonder, should we have demurred
before one sin too many?

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